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About Us...

About Our Organization...

Mountaintop Christian Store exists to help each person who visits the Mountain to have a fuller and deeper relationship with Christ; to see Him, to know Him as they have never seen and known Him before so that they leave the Mountain a changed person, strengthened in faith, grounded in love, and filled with all the fullness of God by exalting Christ, uplifting His Holy, Inspired, and Preserved Word, and by proving all things, and holding fast that which is good. So help me God.

The method of our mission is two-fold. First, we want to get life changing Christian products into the hands of people conveniently and affordably. We believe that good Christian books can help change lives, and that quality Christian music uplifts and inspires the soul. Today, more than ever, we need the influence of God's word to pervade every aspect of life, from every avenue. And with busy lives and rising fuel prices the Internet serves as the most cost-effective and convenient way to get Christian books and music into your home.

The second method is to redirect Christian dollars back into the hands of Christian families, Christian businesses, and Christian ministries. Christians typically spend their dollars in a very different manner than the corporate world, choosing what is right rather than what is politically correct, and choosing what advances God's purpose over man's purpose. But unfortunately, most Christian products purchased today are being purchased not through Christian outlets, but through secular companies. Big corporations have realized that at over 13 Billion dollars, the Christian product marketplace is huge, and they have actively carved out a portion for themselves, taking a full 88%!

By redirecting those funds back into the hands of Christian business owners we believe we can help change the way those dollars are invested. To that end, we not only encourage you to shop at Christian owned businesses like Mountaintop Christian Store, we also provide an unprecedented business opportunity for Christian entrepreneurs who would like to own a business of their own. The opportunity features an unbelievably low start-up and operation cost, free training, great potential for high return on investment, and unparalleled back-office and home office support.
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